About Me

Eighteen years of experience in Sales, Management, and Operations. I believe motivation, education, willingness, and action are the primary components for success among employees, customers, and executives. I'm driven by the desire to define the core competencies and deficiencies of an organization in order to realize its vision.

What I Do

I take projects down to their individual components.  This allows a fundamental understanding of each piece, and a clear path to success.

How I Do It

The data and analysis is paramount to understanding an event and its future; however, implementation and execution are key.

Who I Am

At my core, I'm inquisitive, equitable, and driven.  I'm optimistic yet conservative, demanding yet empathetic, and focused yet flexible.

Why I Do It

There is invaluable knowledge and insight to be gained from every experience, and I thoroughly capitalize on every opportunity to do so.




Almost every position takes some sort of sales, negotiating, or showmanship talent.  When to use, and sometimes, when to suppress these skills is a task in and of itself.  Refining these traits is important for both the agents on the front line and for the consummate professional.   If sales focus is something that your organization needs, let's setup a date and time to detail your goals, what it will take to achieve them, and how they can be surpassed.


It's no surprise that marketing strategies and expectations have changed dramatically over the last 10 years.  It's difficult to navigate how things have shifted and where they might be going, but my experience in campaign management, ROI calculation, agent best practices, and funnel matrices contribute successfully to predicting return.  Prepare for your next return and expect your next surprise - Contact Me Today. 


The journey from struggling startup to $12 million in annual revenue isn't an easy one - but it's one that I have commanded.  Understanding the tumultuous relationship between Profit and Cash Flow, while balancing budget requirements and payroll is vital to ensuring financial stability and sustained growth.  The path to profitability is marred by tax liabilities, accounting errors, and, unfortunately, even audits.  Navigating these potentially disastrous pitfalls takes careful planning and excellent execution on the path to $12 million and beyond.

Rules and Regulations

Compliance is everywhere: Human Resources, Federal Oversight, partner requirements, and internal guidelines.  Financials, Sales, and Marketing are all put at risk when the varied, and sometimes conflicting, rules and regulations aren't followed.  Compliance can feel like an unnecessary burden at times, but the burden of legitimate legal and financial liability is worse.  When and how to implement, monitor, and enforce these guidelines can be tricky, but the right direction and perception will ensure that any organization is successful for years and even decades to come - no matter what the compliance landscape looks like.

Let's talk about You

Are you looking for a skilled, operationally focused leader who can drive your organization forward?  From startups to established corporations, I have the experience and qualifications that compliment your existing team.  Contact me today to discuss your unique vision, circumstances, and needs.

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