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Jerell Goodman
[k2simple_desi title='About Me' description='Eighteen years of experience in Sales, Management, and Operations. I believe motivation, education, willingness, and action are the primary components for success among employees, customers, and executives. I'm driven by the desire to define the core competencies and deficiencies of an organization in order to realize its vision.' category='1' itemcount='4' template='about' elementid='about' image='images/jgoodmancc.jpg' ] [/k2simple_desi] [portfolio_desi category='7' id='3' title='Portfolio' column='4' description='' elementid='work' count='12' template='portfolio_content' widthpop='750px' ] [/portfolio_desi] [k2simple_desi title='Skills' description='' category='2' itemcount='4' template='services' elementid='skills' image='images/picture.jpg' ] [/k2simple_desi] [html_desi title='Let's talk about you' ]

Let's talk about You

Are you looking for a skilled, operationally focused leader who can drive your organization forward?  From startups to established corporations, I have the experience and qualifications that compliment your existing team.  Contact me today to discuss your unique vision, circumstances, and needs.

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[/html_desi] [history_desi title='My History' description='' elementid='history' cathis='3,4,5,6' ] [/history_desi] [contact_desi title='Contact Me' description='Call: (844) JERELLG or **JERELL from any mobile device' email='' subject='Subject' thanks='Your message has been sent. I will get back to you shortly!' ] [/contact_desi] [html_desi title='Footer' ] [/html_desi]